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8th November 2011 Detailed report on the extractive sector and biodiversity ecosystem services launched by the Natural Value Initiative

At an event attended by the extractive sector, investment community, environmental groups and academia yesterday in the heart of the City, the Natural Value Initiative launched the detailed fundings from its investigation of 30 oil, gas and mining companies. The companies investigated had a total market capitalisation of Euro 1,900 billion. The report concluded that whilst many of the companies evaluated were working to assess BES risk and opportunity, none were yet managing the issue comprehensively.

Companies demonstrating a leading approach included Anglo American plc, Rio Tinto plc, Xstrata plc, BG Group plc, Eni Spa, and Royal Dutch Shell plc. Such approaches were characterised by strong publicly stated policy commitments on BES, comprehensive (although not always yet fully employed) risk and opportunity evaluations conducted at a site and corporate level, and well developed management and monitoring systems. Furthermore, a number of companies were recognising the links between key social and environmental issues (such as climate change and water management) and biodiversity and ecosystem services (BES).

The report also found that some companies were lagging behind in addressing BES issues, despite having similar risk exposure to the leading companies. These laggard companies – and those investors that hold bonds or stocks of these companies in their portfolios – may face risks that affect their bottom line or may be missing out on key business opportunities.

The full report is available at the link below.
20th October 2011, Washington DC, USA: Launch of the Natural Value Initiative's benchmarking study of the extractive sector

The meeting is intended both for investors as well as companies that operate in these sectors. It will present the findings of the report, outlining the significance of this issue for the extractive industry, the status of integration at present and what companies and investors can do to better integrate it in their operations and decision-making.

The event will explore the findings of the report and provide perspectives on the materiality of biodiversity and ecosystem services for the extractive industry with speakers from the extractive sector, investment community and environmental NGOs.

The extractive sector faces increasingly material risks from biodiversity issues with some companies taking a clear lead over others in addressing these risks. Companies that manage this issue proactively, and those that invest in them, are likely to realise competitive advantage in the future linked to better management of reputational, operational and financing risks.

Event details: 20th October 2011

Time: 18:00-21:00

Location: L'Enfant Plaza Hotel 480 L'Enfant Plaza SW, Washington, DC 20024

Register online:
23rd May 2011 Workshop for the pharmaceutical sector on biodiversity and ecosystem services Topics for discussion will include:

– Why biodiversity and ecosystem services is an issue for Pharmaceutical companies

– Why the issue of biodiversity and ecosystem services is material for investors

– What the risks and opportunities for the sector are linked to biodiversity and ecosystem services

– Policy trends and emerging issues

– Case studies from the private sector

With speakers from:

Novartis, AstraZeneca, Sanofi-Aventis, KPMG, Robeco, Fauna & Flora International, Meteos
13th November, Amsterdam, Netherlands. The Natural Value Initiative presents at the Triple Bottom Line Investment Conference. In existence for over 10 years, TBLI CONFERENCE™ consists of two annual conferences. These two-day events give the world’s leaders on sustainability an opportunity to network and exchange information on the latest developments in screening, auditing, reporting, SRI analysis, corporate citizenship, indexes, and research.
29th May 2008 Integrating biodiversity into investment decisions: Panel discussion. Bonn, Germany The objectives of the discussion are to examine the implications of biodiversity and ecosystem services for the financial services sector, and communicate and seek feedback on emerging initiatives linking biodiversity and shareholder value including the work UNEP FI has done in this area, with a special focus on the Natural Value Initiative. Panellists include: Richard Burrett (formerly of ABN AMRO and former Chair of BESW), Craig Hanson (World Resources Institute), Leon Braat (Wageningen University), and Annelisa Grigg, (Fauna & Flora International). The panel will be moderated by Paul Clements-Hunt, UNEP Finance Initiative with an introduction by Sylvie Lemmet, Director, UNEP.
5-14 October 2008, Barcelona, Spain. IUCN World Conservation Congress Meeting of conservation organisations with information exchange and decision making related to global conservation priorities.
2-3 April 2008, Bonn, German. Business and biodiversity. Conference convened in the run up to the Conference of the Parties Convention on Biological Diversity in Bonn to determine how business contributes or could contribute to the implementation of the objectives of the convention on biological diversity.
27-28 March 2008, New York City, USA. Biodiversity Finance. Mainstreaming Biodiversity into the Financial Sector. This event will look at the role of biodiversity assets, their value and case studies of the new financial mechanisms that are developing as they move into the mainstream.