Eco-friendly is a word that has been commonly used to define environment-friendly or not harmful to the earth, or in simple terms anything that contributes to the green nature of the environment.
Billiard, according to the Oxford dictionary is a game normally have to be played on a table by two or more people, whereby there are three balls that are stuck with cues.
On combining the two terms together in regard to our article. Eco-Friendly Billiard will refer to the pool table which is made from environmentally friendly materials such as Heveawood, white Mahogany etc.
Pool table contains several features of which am going to discuss a few of them;
The Heavy Strong Legs of the Pool Table.
Legs will definitely attract the attention of many individuals as they are the aesthetics and look of the table. the legs can be of different state, for example, we have post legs, carved of tapered all this will bear the quality of the table.
The legs of the pool table are mainly made of heavy material such as hardwood. Example when you look at eBay website you will notice in their description they talk of Mahogany finish. This legs will always tend to bring a stunning nature of the table also ensuring the table stability with a leg lever.
The legs a shaped in different shapes and styles. one to give an impressive look to the user, two to give a desired stability of the table when in use.
Trust for Mizerak 
Mizerak is a stunning type of table that will give you a perfect look. It’s made of two different styles; slatron and slate making it one of the best and impressive billiards table.
Just by the stare you will note its magnificent smooth engineered and leveled nature. Very clean and classic to impress most buyers.
The table is made of nose rubber hence facilitating bouncing back of ball for a bank shot. The slate surface offers an amazing accurate surface to play.
The table comes with two pool cues and all the other needed equipment to play the game such as triangle to arrange the balls and two chalks.
Mizerak deserves your trust as its one the best option for sale in the market.
Hard to Beat Pool Cue
Pool cues are of different types and most of them will depend on the legendary level of an individual for example here are a few cues to discuss;
Old Western Saloon Pool Stick. Excellent to players who are at the entry level of the game, as it is slightly heavier compared to the normal average pool stick.
HXT15 Two-piece pool cue– If you are at the intermediate level then this is a perfect choice. The cue can be molded and is available in several weights which will depend on the user. The cue gives the user more accurate and power at each an every shot.
In conclusion, the pool cues are available in different options and all that will depend on the skills of the user, can either be expert, beginner, legendary and many more.

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