Hello there, Nature Lovers! Did you know that improper plant watering is very dangerous to your houseplants? Houseplants are usually very delicate therefore you always need to use showerhead and pick the one that suits your needs, This showerhead for watering your plants at proper timings and know the difference between watering and over-watering your plants.

Plants are of different sizes, shapes and different varieties of plants have different watering requirements. For example, shower head with a long handle is needed for watering plants which are not easily reachable whereas for watering delicate plants, gentle spraying shower heads are required.

A gentle, evenly spraying shower head is the perfect fit for watering delicate plants. It is more critical during the summer season to water such plants continuously if you don’t want them to dry up. How much watering each plant needs depends upon the plant species and whether you are using a perfect shower head for watering your plants.

An ideal shower head for watering plants should possess all the right qualities to qualify for that prefect badge. The functional attributes which a shower head for watering plants should possess include a long handle, even distribution of water ejectors, easily attachable, portable and most of all should be multipurpose, i.e., which can fulfill different watering needs.

The plants which you keep indoors have fewer water requirements than the outdoors. It is because the outdoor plants are exposed to winds, all day long sun exposure and heat. There for you should keep your shower heads always ready outdoors for watering your plants located outside that the one’s present inside your place. Besides that, it is important to note that it is recommended to water your plants either in the early morning time or in the late evening time when the temperature has considerably dropped.

It is essential to choose a perfect shower head for watering your plants as per your environmental conditions because the type of the shower head you use while you water your plants makes a considerable difference. For example, in the areas with low water pressure, a specific type of shower head is a need, and similar is the case for small containers such as hanging baskets. Some shower heads are present with a protective system to guard your plants against rough water blows thus keeping the supply of water constant. Besides that, aeration is also an essential feature of shower heads when it comes to efficiency. An ideal showering should possess evenly distributed fine holes for constant water supply as well as an air supply.

If the plants are incredibly tender, standard shower heads for watering those plants cannot be used. Instead, a showerhead with around 1000 micro holes which are capable of creating smooth water flow which will neither disturb the medium, i.e., soil nor the plant. However, the watering of plants using shower heads is not all about delicacy. Sometimes, shower heads with fast and robust water supply are also required to remove the dirt and debris. Thus, it is essential to do good research regarding the area you are living in and the type of plant before opting for a particular variant of the shower head to water your plants.

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