Industrialization and modern technologies do not favor conservation and management of the environment. This is the reason there are many conferences on climate change geared towards eco-friendly technologies.  Sport is not left out either, especially table tennis where it directly affects the use of wood which has a negative impact on the environment. The fact there is wood in the paddle among other table tennis equipment; something has to be done to save the environment.

How best can table tennis players support an eco-friendly paddle?

Indoor table tennis games

Who said you can only play table tennis in a sports field? You can play table tennis during office break just to rejuvenate and even feel fresh to handle the difficult tasks. It is one game that does not need a big space, as a matter of fact, the hospitality industry is embracing the game as a value-added service to maintain customer loyalty. It has an impact on many sports field that can be used as an environmental conservation measure. You can emulate this even at home such that you have indoor table tennis equipment for family bonding.

 Ping pong games aimed at environmental awareness

To get people to just come to listen to long lectures may not be an idea to create awareness of eco-friendly sports equipment. Renowned players can organize a tournament with the aim of disseminating information to the public in ways of saving the environment. It could be a great event for exhibitors to comes and showcase their stuff. This is one tournament that can attract who-is-who in the environment industry just to make the point clear.

Eco-friendly paddle including equipment

The paddle itself is made of wood meaning; there is a tree that has been cut short of life. The question is, has it been replaced. If yes, then well and good if not then what are some of the measures to be taken to make sure we have more trees at the same time not kill the sporting industry? This is the point some countries, put companies that directly deal with wood as a raw material to be on the front line to advocate for tree planting events as a way of showing solidarity to the environmentalists.

Inclusion of modern technologies in the development of the paddle

The question that should linger to manufacturers of table tennis paddle is, what else can replace the wood but still maintain the quality of the equipment? With modern technology, and also in line with the International Table Tennis Federation, they should have a round table talk to have an alternative raw material. This will have a massive positive impact on the number of trees that will befell to meet the ever-growing demand of the sporting tool. Why involve the Federation? Most players will prefer to train with equipment that is recognized internationally, otherwise, they may be seen to be of low standard and further get banned from international tournaments. It will also be a loss to both the buyer and the manufacturers for they will be deemed to manufacturer substandard products.

All fields have a direct impact when it comes to saving the environment. By extension, the playing fields mean there is no vegetation cover in its development. A table tennis player is not affected by this since it is considered an indoor game. The ping pong players should have a broad thinking mindset. Some of the questions that should linger in their mind include

  • How well am I assisting to enhance eco-friendly table tennis equipment?
  • How best can I be part of the system to use my influence for the same objective?
  • Am I an environmental conservationist in my own small way? If not, what can I do to become better or even enhance the climate change song that is sung all over?

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